Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Wrap Up

Happy November 1st! October ended up being a pretty good month for me reading-wise. After refreshing my list with some delicious new books, I've come out of my reading slump and dived right back into the magical world of getting lost in books.

1. Northanger Abbey / I read this for the Austentatious Book Club on Goodreads. This was my third time reading through the book, and I loved it. The protagonist is young, flawed, and though she experiences guilt and grief as the true story of life is revealed to her sheltered eyes, she remains the innocent, slightly immature heroine  which I find to be genius on Austen's part. 4/5 stars

2. Every Heart a Doorway /  I've tried multiple times to figure out the perfect way to describe this book...and I can't. A school for children come back from other worlds who now can't cope in the "real" world is just the kind of twist I adore. Add a scoop of murder mystery, a dash of fantastical, and pinch of world issues, and I found this book too intriguing to ignore. In a novella that reads like a short story, you know who each character is, and there isn't much growth, yet it keeps you turning page after page until you close the book and breathe a sigh, maybe of satisfaction, maybe of relief, but certainly of contemplation. 4/5 stars
 3. Throne of Glass / I posted a summary review of this book here. I was a bit underwhelmed after the build of anticipation for this book, and yet I found myself losing track of time as I read. A slightly flawed introduction to a series that will hopefully lead to bigger and better things.  2.5-3/5 stars
4. Daredevil: Guardian Devil / Ah, yes. I am a comic book reader now, and I love it. I was introduced by my brother to my first comic books this past March, visited my first comic book shop, and this is the first comic book I've bought. After being obsessed with Netflix's Daredevil series, this was an obvious choice. I admit I wasn't thrilled with the story, and the artwork was great though not my exact taste, but I still enjoyed reading it. 3/5 stars
5. Jennifer's Way / I adore Jennifer Esposito's character Jackie on the CBS television show Blue Bloods, and when I found out she was a Celiac, I had to pick up her book. I'm not sure I'm celiac, but I deal with many similar symptoms and am on my own journey trying to find my way out of the twists and turns and muck and mire of health issues to find an answer. I flew through this book, and it was the first autobiography I've read that became a page-turner. It's an incredible story of a heart-wrenching health journey that proclaims hope, and I think anyone would enjoy it, especially those who have Celiac's Disease or struggle with health. 5/5 stars. **Favorite book of the month

What did you read in October?



  1. Kurt and I have watched all of the Bluebloods series together and we love the show! She was great as Jackie and I had no idea she wrote a book. Sounds like a good read! :)

    1. The series is a family favorite! You should definitely check the book out. I gave it to my mom to read as well ,and we both found ourselves reading in "Jackie's" voice. ;)