Sunday, October 23, 2016

Book Review: Throne of Glass, Book 1

I finally did it. I read the first book to the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, a series endlessly pushed by "booktube" and beautiful fan art on Pinterest, a book which I could ignore no longer.

Throne of Glass is about Celaena Sardothien, a world-reknowned 18 year-old assassin who is taken from the slave camp Endovier and brought to the kingdom of Adarlan to compete in a series of Tests against other assassins, soldiers, and thieves for the role of the King's Champion. Though working for the king who ruined her life isn't her ideal situation, Celaena is promised freedom in four years and finds herself facing an offer she can't refuse. She soon discovers things are not as they seem and finds herself not only in a fight for title, but a fight for her life.

I will say...the hype, centered around this young assassin with extraordinary skills, didn't live up to my expectations. I prepared myself for a dark, grim world and protagonist. While there were a few scenes where we got a glimpse of Celaena's mad skills, I felt her budding romance with one of the characters and her constant self-examinations in the mirror over every detail of her new dresses overshadowed the assassin in her. Granted, she's young and not inhuman, but she's also been through hell and trained to be an assassin by the leader of the Assassin's Guild; I figured there would be less concern over her attire and how dirty her face was and more suspicion and apathy. 

Despite my disappointments, I still feel as though I need to give this series a chance. I haven't heard great things about book 2, but have heard book 3 is where it starts to get interesting. There were elements of the story and characters that I loved, and I thought the world-building was unique (I mean, a castle of glass...C'mon. That's not usual). Book One can be tricky in setting up backstory and characters, so I'm still hopeful that this entertaining but shaky introduction will lead to bigger and better things.

A hopeful 3/5 stars

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