Monday, February 17, 2014

30 Blog Post Ideas for Writers

I'll admit, the well has been pretty dry as far as blog posts go. I've been looking up articles with titles such as "100 Blog Post Ideas for Writers" and such, when I was hit with a brilliant idea — why not create my own list of blog post ideas? So hopefully you can use this list to be inspired for your own blog and writing; you'll probably see some of these ideas pop up in future posts on here :)

On-Going Content:

1. Favorites of the month — whether they be favorite books, writing resources, cute journals, story-inspiring pictures, ect.

2. Series — My most recent on-going content was a three-part series on how to name characters. Think about something on which you have definite views, strategies, or opinions. What are your thoughts on fan fiction, and how can it relate to others? What are some ways you can research your story era and and setting? How do you develop a short story?

3. Story Updates — If you like to personally involve your readers in your writing journey, don't forget to update them on your progress every now and then.

4. Character Interviews/Introductions – Are you currently working on a story? Introduce your characters to your blog readers to get them involved personally. Create interviews or answer a character development sheet in your post. You can introduce a new character every week or every month.


5. Book reviews — the most obvious. Give a brief description of a book you just read, whether fiction or technical, and go into some detail on why the book did or didn't work. (Remember, if you're going to give spoilers, warn the readers first!)

6. Movie reviews — Perhaps not everyone would use this on a writing blog, but I believe it's a bit of a uniquely different idea to include. I'm very interested in screenwriting, so I love to review movies based on the quality of the script and depth of character. It can be just as beneficial as reviewing a book.

7. Software reviews – Use a specific software program for writing? What do you like and not like about the site you use for your blog? Help other writers and bloggers get started!


8. How about a personal anecdote that inspired a story?

9. Have you based a character off someone in your life?

10. How did you personally get started writing/blogging?

11. What author/person has inspired you in your own craft?


12. How do you find your inspiration for story and character ideas?

13. Is there a particular song that inspires you or originated an idea?


14. Writer's Block — We ALL experience some form of this. How do you push through? Create a list of ways to overcome this foe.

15. Your favorite books or a list of books you plan to read.

16. Do you have any tips for blogging?

17. Ideas for blog posts ;)

18. Create a list of possible organization ideas for your writing schedule and even how you keep the area in which you write organized.

Involving the Readers:

19. Social Media — Branch out, create an author/blog page on Facebook, a twitter account, a blog email, ect. You may not believe in having a personal account on some of these social sites, but having one geared towards your writing is very helpful in drawing in followers and spreading the word on your writing.

20. Giveaways — Who doesn't love a contest and free stuff?! Give away a copy of your favorite book, a cute journal/pen set, writing inspired jewelry, ect. Make sure you gear whatever item you choose towards those in your readership.

21. Open it up for questions/suggestions — I have a blog email and a page on my blog where you can ask me questions and suggests books/movies to review. This can give you an idea on what your followers are wishing to see more of in your blog content.

22. Interviews/Guest Posts — My Double Living just welcome its first guest blogger at the end of January, and it was wonderfully excepted. This can increase your readership, followers, and provide great experience not only for you but also the guest blogger.

"Holiday" Specials: 

23. Valentine's Day — Who do you consider to be the greatest couple in literature/film?

24. Thanksgiving — How will you manage your writing schedule during the busyness of the upcoming holiday season?

25. Christmas — Why not share a short story or poem of your own creation revolving around this celebration?

26. New Year's — What are your goals for the new year as far as writing, stories, reading, ect.?


27. Answer trouble questions — Take a glance on your social media, favorite blog, or even somewhere like pinterest. Do you recognize certain themes popping up? What about questions about how to eliminate an excess character? Or how to write that certain fight scene? How about having problems communicating with others about your story?

28. Write a post about overcoming fears of writing and instead writing boldly about what you feel strongly about.

29. Take a twist with your readers; consider what would've happened if, for instance, Dorothy had strayed from the yellow brick road. After giving your thoughts on the wonder and even danger of taking unexpected twists in a story, open your post up for discussion with your followers.

30. Have you attended a writer's conference or taken a writing class online? Share your experience and why you think others should or shouldn't do the same.

I hope these will inspire you if you're stuck blogging ideas. Remember — always leave your post open for discussion. Not everyone will agree with your opinions or with your suggestions. Everyone has their own technique that works for them. A great way to stay open minded and involve your readers is to end your post with a question, such as:

How Do You Find Inspiration for Blog Posts?


  1. Great tips/ideas! Going to try and use some of these!

  2. So glad you could find some inspiration! Your website/blog is so unique; I'll be sure to read and look forward to what will come next!

  3. This is a great list. For once I've found a good one. Thank you for writing it!

  4. I'm glad it catered to what you were wanting!