Monday, March 31, 2014

Character Names: List #1

While daydreaming about one of the stories I'm dabbling in developing, I discovered a fantastic element to add to the story, but it required the creation of several more character names. I'm someone who loves naming characters and truly enjoys the process, however, after spending a long time having already come up with names for these characters, I was dragging in the idea of hunting for more.

So, in an exercise to help me create some more names, I decided I'd start creating a list we can all benefit from! I won't promise to add to this every month,  but I'll post a new list every now and then. Hopefully this will be fun for us all and help get some creative juices flowing. When you like a particular post's list, bookmark the page, or write it down and pin it up on your inspiration board or file it away for an easy go-to reference list! (I will do my best not to repeat names, but forgive me if down the road I miss one here and there!)

Today, the meanings and origins are taken from **Please be aware that some sites will post different meanings.**


Harper - meaning: Harp Player ; origin : English

Eden - meaning: Paradise ; origin : Hebrew

Nora - meaning: Honor ; origin : English

Charlotte - meaning: Free ; origin: English

Layla/Leila - meaning: Night/Black ; origin: Arabic

Rowan - meaning: from the Rowan tree ; origin: English

Louisa - meaning: Famous Warrior ; origin: English

Audrey/Audri - meaning: Noble Strength ; origin: English

Faye - meaning: Fairy or Elf ; origin: French

Wren - meaning: Small Bird ; origin: English

Clare/Claire/Klair  - meaning: Illustrious ; origin: French


Noah - meaning: Rest, Peace ; origin: Hebrew

Isaac - meaning: He Will Laugh ; origin: Hebrew

Liam - meaning: Strong-Willed Warrior ; origin: Irish

Henry - meaning: Ruler of the home ; origin: German

Aiden - meaning: Little Fire ; origin: Irish

Carson - meaning: Christian ; origin: American

Sebastian - meaning: Venerable ; origin: Greek

Connor  - meaning: Wolf lover ; origin: Irish

Luther - meaning: People army ; origin: English

Caius - meaning: Person of Earth ; origin: Latin

Austin - meaning: Great ; origin: English

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