Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Book Shelf : Fiction

I didn't read as much in 2015 (at least the first half of the year) as I usual do, and there were a fair amount of books I started and never finished. So instead of reviewing favorite books of last year, I'm going to share what books are on my agenda for this year. I'm separating these into two posts for fiction/pleasure and technical/biography books (which can be for pleasure as well, of course*).


I started Hamlet last year when I bought tickets for my friend and me to see a screening of the National Theatre Live production of Hamlet. I struggle with verse format and King James' language, so it's been rather slow-going, but I've enjoyed the book and intend to finish it this month.

Catching Fire and Mockingjay

I've listened to the audiobook of the first Hunger Games and greatly enjoyed that. Catching Fire is next and once I see the Mockingjay movies, I'll finish. 

Stella Bain

I saw this book on sale in Barnes and Noble and it basically jumped into my hands. I adore the cover and the plot really intrigued me, especially as I enjoy stories set during the World Wars. 


I feel like I should've read this a long time ago. A story about a quiet, anxious girl who adores reading and writes fan fiction and stresses about making it in the real world? I didn't know they wrote a biography about me... 

A Share in Death

As I'm getting more interested in writing crime-related, mystery genres, it's about time I started reading them! 

Sherlock: Volume 2

And always, there's the classic... I read the first volume quite a while ago now.  Love me some Sherlock!

The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson

This was probably one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. I love poetry, but I'm very selective of whom I read. Emily Dickinson has always been a favorite, so to add this to my library made my soul happy. 

The Shock of Night

I grew up reading Christian fiction, but I've never read it in the form of fantasy. I'm not sure how strong the Christian themes are in this book, but I'm still interested how the author will combine the two. 


Christian fiction, Arthurian-inspired, seemingly strong female lead... Sounds like a fun time! 

ReRead: The Chronicles of Narnia

Ah, Narnia. My favorite books. I haven't reread these in quite a few years, so I want to get back to them this year, maybe in between my other reads!

There are so many others I'm longing to read, but for now, these are the basics that I want to check off my list. (I was going to include the rest of the Harry Potter series, but I finished the last two books before I even finished writing this post! I love finding a new series I can't put down.)

What books are on YOUR list this year? 
Everyone share your ideas in the comments! 

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