Thursday, March 28, 2013

Character Introductions 2: The Men (Frederic)

So, I only got one response on my question about whether or not you wanted character introductions for the men in my book. I'm not sure if it's just because you didn't respond or if you REALLY DON'T WANT THEM, but I got one yes and apparently that's enough for me ;) So sorry to those of you who are groaning, but yes, this is what's coming next.

So, the five main men characters are Frederic, Luka, Owin, Deryk, and Hugo, and that is the order in of both their age and in which I will introduce them. Depending on the length, I may do one at a time or several together. So, here goes:

Character Introduction: Frederic

1. Who is Frederic?

Frederic is a respected knight of Drasia. Though he is fairly young, he earned status quickly as one of the harde st-working, most honest, and most humble of knights in the kingdom. The young knights of the court look up to him, striving to equal his excellence in both character and skill, and Frederic is "in charge" of a large section of the knights; the king trusts him completely.
Part of the king's faith in him stems from his past. Frederic's father was also a knight and a well-respected one who was killed in battle when Frederic was eight years old, and his mother died a year later. The king took an interest in Frederic's education since he had no son of his own, and encouraged him in his journey into knighthood, occasionally taking the responsibility of training Frederic himself. This also provided the opportunity for Frederic and Ivanya to become good friends.
When Frederic was 22 he married a young, beautiful woman he loved and they had a son, Kenric. However, the childbirth weakened his wife and she died a year later, breaking Frederic's heart. Frederic turned his attention to his son, becoming a completely loving father but rather protective. Frederic learned to move on from his wife's death, but the event left a scar on his heart that would never fully heal.

2. How do Ivanya and Frederic tie in together?

I made a brief mention of Frederic in Ivanya's introduction (written on March 10, check it out!). After the great battle, when Ivanya was brought to the castle of Drasia, Frederic was ten years old at the time. Four years later, five-year-old Ivanya found her way to the training grounds where fourteen-year-old Frederic was performing a combat test. Frederic made a minor mistake, but young Ivanya caught it and marched into the field, grabbing his hands and showing him how he should've parried the blow. The other knights teased, but Frederic took a chance and ended up passing the test due to Ivanya's keen eye. Since that day, despite their nine year age difference, Frederic took it upon himself to look out for Ivanya since he too had no family. Their relationship was that of deep friendship, almost as brother and sister, and never once grew into anything more.

3. How old is he?

Frederic is now 30 years old.

4. What does he look like?

Frederic is 6'3 with curly ginger hair and a thin beard, and greyish-green eyes. His features are fairly slim for being a fit knight (ha...that just sounds a little funny.). I'm not positive on how else to describe him, however, check out the pictures I've attached since these characters don't have a specific board for themselves on my pinterest account.

5. In three words, describe his personality.

Loyal. Compassionate. Wise. You could almost describe him as the daddy of the group, haha.

6. Would I describe him as a likable character?

I say yes, and I hope others would agree. I love writing Frederic's character - he's the true "older brother-image" character in the story in regards to his and Ivanya's relationship (he certainly loves to tease her), and I adore his compassionate heart. I forgive him his protective nature over his son, because he just wants to do what is best for him and loves him so much. We are introduced to his past in snippets here and there, which makes him most definitely a minor character and yet an intriguing one - he's not just a knight of Drasia, but an orphaned son, widower father, and loyal friend.

Rupert Young looks exactly like Frederic. I had another "face" for Frederic in the beginning, someone completely different looking, and I soon realized my mind kept jumping back to someone like this for the character, and he really is perfect.

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  1. Love these, They're so fun to read because its like I'm getting to know someone real. Keep them coming, please!