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Character Introduction: Aelwyn

Finally at the last character introduction for my four main characters! I hope you've enjoyed getting to know these characters a little more and now may have some grounding for when I talk incessantly about my book ;) If you did enjoy these, please let me know if you'd also like character introductions on the five main male characters in my book (their "introductions" won't be as long.)

So now I will introduce to you Aelwyn (pronounced ail (like what's ailing you?) - win (wind without the "d") * (please see the note at the bottom of the post.)

Character Introduction: Aelwyn

1. What does she look like?

Aelwyn has ghost-pale skin, bright blue eyes, and flaming red hair. She is about 5'3" and nothing but skin and bones, the reason for which you will find out in #4. She has strong cheekbones, slightly due to the fact that she is so skinny, and a dainty, slightly upturned nose.

2. How old is she?

Aelwyn is about 19 or 20 years old.

3. In three words, describe her personality.

Fighter. Bitter. Determined.

4. Who IS Aelwyn?

For a long time, Aelwyn would not have been able to answer this question herself if you had asked her. All she knew was the fact that she was a prisoner of King Theon's, and he passionately hated her, and she him.
When King Theon of Oedria was planning to attack Drasia and it's outlying kingdoms, he went to a seer named Mirelle to recruit her help, thinking she would be able to tell him the weak spots of each kingdom he planned to attack. Mirelle refused him, earning banishment from Oedria of both her and any related to her, but before this happened Theon found himself bewitched by Mirelle's niece, Aelina. Being the wicked man he was, he had a brief affair with Aelina, and then sentenced the banishment. A while later Aelina secretly returned to Oedria to inform the king she had his child. Once Theon discovered he was to have a child outside of his marriage, Aelina was never seen by anyone again.
Only King Theon and an old friend of his, the man who served as a tutor to his son, Owin, knew of the child that stayed in existence. Theon took the child to the cells in the caves beneath the castle of Oedria and kept her there, hidden from all. Why he chose to keep the child, yet in such unimaginably horrible conditions, will have to remain a secret for now.
Aelwyn did finally come to the knowledge of the real circumstances of her birth, thanks to the tutor, actually, and her bitterness and hatred towards the king was heightened. She is determined to escape her prison, whatever the cost, and she must battle those who would try to stop her...including her mind.

5. Does she have any habits?

She pulls on her hair when filled with stress and anxiety.

6. What are some things she treasures?

Aelwyn's life is filled with solitude and darkness. She treasures nothing, only the idea of freedom.

7. What does she passionately hate?

King Theon. Injustice.

8. Any special markings, treasured items?

She has been scars from being abused and malnourished. // She owns nothing.

9. Would I describe Aelwyn as a likable character?

In a way. We can admire Aelwyn for her resolve to never give up, her courage to stand up to King Theon when he could kill her in a moment, but her mind is clouded with bitterness, which can make her a sad character we wouldn't want to always follow. Whether or not she will turn into a truly "likable" character we'll just have to wait to be seen.

10. If she had one quote to describe her, what would it be?

"I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees." (credit to whoever said this marvelous quote.) This is perfect for Aelwyn. She would rather die than spend another day until the brutal abuse of the king, and she'll do whatever it takes to remove herself from his rule. She is tired of being shamed and mistreated and will not back down to King Theon.

*This name is not set definitely, I have been thinking of changing it. I also know technically the pronunciation is wrong. However, if you like the name, would you like to see Aelwyn's name spelled a different way? If so, do you have a suggestion?

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