Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Character Introduction: Ellyn

Hello all! Finally, I'm ready to give you the character introductions! :D I should post one a week, maybe two a week, we'll just have to see ;) My friend Lindsey suggested I make this in a format of a character interview; while I love the idea, I'm not sure I would like how it would work with these characters. I may do something similar with them in the future, or perhaps with different characters with a different project, but for now I'm just going to tell you a bit about them "myself." Thanks for the suggestion though, Lindsey! :)

These are the beginnings of my character introductions for my WIP, The Descendants of Drasia: The Prequel, and I hope you will enjoy being able to 'meet' the characters I love so much, and you might be able to see a little more into this world.

Character Introduction:Ellyn

1. What does she look like?

Ellyn has flowing sandy blonde hair that reaches down to the small of her back and big, soft brown eyes. Of course, there are a few freckles on her nose and cheeks - the result of working in the sun for too long. She is a slender, petite girl with dainty, long fingers and stands at about 5'6", which is short for someone like her. Her facial features are soft with rounded cheekbones and a light, wide smile.

2. How old is she?

I'll admit, I'm a bit shaky on the ages at the moment, but Ellyn is probably around eighteen years old.

3. In three words, describe her personality.

Innocent. Kind. Confused.

4. Who IS Ellyn?

Ellyn lives in Cindreth, a working village of about 10 homes and two shops in a valley that lies just below the castle of Drasia, and lives with her father and mother, a slightly older couple. She has an older brother, Hugo, who ran away when he was sixteen to join the knights of Drasia - an act which shocker her parents, seeing as how the kingdom is a dangerous place for their family . She has been protected and rather spoiled by her parents, the results being her innocent and ignorant way of life, but she is the perfect example of true kindness. All her life she has had to hide who she is from the kingdom - a dragon rider, a kind of person whose kind had been hunted ruthlessly for twenty years prior. Though she has not found it a real struggle to hide her identity, Ellyn begins to see evil workings in man's heart around her, and feelings rise within that lead her to think new thoughts; thoughts of, you might say, a kind of revolution. To her innocent mind, these feelings spark fear and deep confusion.

5. Does she have any habits?

Not specifically a habit like chewing on nails or playing with hair, but I will say you will often find her on her small balcony outside her room (it looks rather ridiculous on her small house, but was built specially for her because she cannot bear to feel trapped) gazing out towards the Mountains of Minaeth.

6. What are some things she treasures?

Peace. Friends and Family. The rising sun over the mountains on a clear, warm morning.

7. What does she passionately hate?

Strife in any sort of form.

8. Any special markings, treasured items?

Every dragon rider has the mark of a dragon claw on their right shoulder, and Ellyn is no exception. // Her friend, Luka, carved a dragon out of a small piece of wood for her when they were young, and she keeps it hidden in a small box underneath her bed.

9. Would I describe Ellyn as a likable character?

Well, considering she is technically my main character, of course I would! Ellyn can be frustrating because she is so ignorant to the world around her, but partially that isn't her fault. Her parents have sheltered her from even knowing about the past evils of the kingdom, and she has been taught by her mother to expect the good in all around her, leaving her blind to those who may wish her harm. However, Ellyn is a light in the darkness, a symbol of hope in despair. She is 100% loyal and sweet, a friend to all,

10. If she had one quote to describe her, what would it be?

"Most fear to become small. I fear to become great." (quote by Leah Tyrell, an aspiring author.) I think this quote describes her perfectly when things come to a crisis in the book. Ellyn has been a small village girl all her life - her world consists only of that place. She knows change is coming and she must change with it, but fear tempts to hold her back.

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More to come! :)


  1. Wow - your book sounds *really* interesting. Actually, Ellyn sounds remarkably like my MC Arionwyn, except Arionwyn is less selfless. I'm really enjoying your Pinterest boards as well. :D

  2. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! It's always encouraging to hear positive feedback on my stories. I'm glad you like the pinterest boards as well; I really enjoy yours, too!