Friday, March 29, 2013

Character Introduction: Luka

Welcome to the second post of the character introductions to the men of Drasia :) (Once again, Drasia is my WIP. Glance around the blog to learn more about it!)

Today, we are going to meet Luka.

Character Introduction: Luka

1. Who is Luka?

Luka lives in the small village of Cindreth, just below the castle of Drasia. He is a field worker in the appropriate seasons, but he also has the shop his father left him, the carpenter/blacksmith shop attached to his home. However, his father's old apprentice has taken up most of the work that comes from the shop, for Luka prefers to work the soil.

Luka grew up with his father, mother, and younger sister. When he was twelve his father refused to pay the king's men his portioned share of the harvest, for he needed the extra food to pay for medicine because Luka's sister was very ill. Without consent of King Ewan, the king's men burned the shop a few days later, not realizing Luka's father and mother were both in the shop at that time. Luka tried to save them, earning a horrible burn on his arm that left a ghastly scar, but it was in vain. Ellyn's parents took Luka and his sister into their own home and became a set of second parents to the siblings, but Luka's heart was hardened in bitterness toward the king and his men from that day forward. A year later Luka's little sister, who was only seven, died, which he also blamed on the acts of the past, but also on himself.
Luka more than likely would've been hung for speaking treason against the king, for he took every opportunity to speak ill of the kingdom around anyone, but young Ellyn's cool head soon calmed him. He leaned on her for support, trusting her to keep him from acting foolishly, and she gladly gave her help. When Ellyn's brother Hugo ran away from home, Luka returned the favor by fully becoming Ellyn's surrogate older brother. However, do not think he doesn't still struggles with feelings of guilt for his sister's death and hardened thoughts towards King Ewan.

2. How do Luka and Ellyn tie in together?

(Learn more about Ellyn here: )Well, I've already gone over that in the above answer. Luka lived with Ellyn's family from the time he was twelve until he was sixteen, which is when he moved back into his own home, yet he is still an involved part of Ellyn's family. Though Luka and Ellyn started their relationship off as friends and it grew into a sibling bond, they both recognize the signs of their increasing feelings for each other. Luka is starting to feel ready to accept this and move ahead, but Ellyn is far more hesitant, as she doesn't care for change.

3. How old is Luka?

Luka is 21 years old.

4. What does he look like?

Luka is 6'4" and has short, dark blonde hair and blue eyes. His build is, simply put, huge, as in muscular. His arms are probably 75% of his body weight, ha! With the work he does, he has to be very built. As mentioned before, he has a horribly scarred arm (little extra tidbit, on that arm he wears a cuff of leather and horse hair that Ellyn crafted for him soon after his sister passed away.) See pictures posted for more detail.

5. In three words, describe his personality.

Stubborn. Protective. Sweet.

6. Would I describe him as a likable character?

Again, yes, I hope he comes across as a likable character. Luka loves to tease Ellyn, but he is also very sweet with her and protective of her. I find their relationship fun to write because one moment Luka can be irritating Ellyn with various things to no end, and the next moment she's in his arms listening to his kind advice. Luka is a sad character who needs to let go of certain things in his past, but I think we can sympathize with the trauma he went through as a young boy and understand from where his bitterness stems. Luka will stop at nothing to defend those who are weaker, and he is well-liked in his village. Those who meet Luka for the first time are wary of him, his dark, quizzical brow and large stature intimidating, but most come to appreciate and respect him once they get to know him.

Tom Hopper looks very much like Luka. His facial features and stature are perfect, and I think he captures his air of strength and sadness very well.

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  1. *sigh* doesn't every girl want a strong sensitive protector like Luka? I love his character and how he portrays *SPOILER!!* his love for Ellyn as 'brotherly love' in the book :) Growing love that will no longer be able to be 'hidden' with that excuse! ;D

  2. *sigh* Ain't it the truth? (My my, did I just use improper grammar on my writing blog? For shame.)
    He's sort of almost the man that's the "perfect picture" when it comes to the relationships of all four characters. ;)