Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Wrap Up

2016 was crazy. I didn't think it could get more insane than the previous year, between quitting my job and moving and settling into weekly brain injury rehab, but it truly outdid itself, and 2017...well, it's safe to say she gonna be just as crazy.

Despite all the insanity, I managed to read more than I have in years. My goal was to branch out from my usual genres (which consisted of about two), and I believe I accomplished this goal.

I wanted to read 30 books, and as of right now, I've read 28. It's bothering me that I didn't meet this target, but I've been encouraged by others to pat myself on the back for still going above and beyond what had become my normal. breathe in, let go, breathe out. 

I won't go through every single book, as you can check them out here on my Goodreads, but take a peak at my highlights of the year.

Jennifer's Way

Thoughts: Love Jennifer's voice in this book, and the amount of information I gained was so helpful.

Rating: *****

Batman: The Killing Joke

Thoughts: The darkest comic book I've read so far and will possibly ever read, and certainly not my usual style. Twisted, deep, disturbing and exciting.

Rating: *****

Frankenstein read by Dan Stevens

Thoughts: I adored Dan Stevens' version of this story and enjoyed the book more than I thought I would.

Rating: ****

Every Heart a Doorway

Thoughts: Fast, fantastical, twisted. Perhaps also the most confusing book of 2016.

Rating: ****

Most Fun:
Peter Pan

Thoughts: Not a children's book.

Rating: ****

Northanger Abbey

Thoughts: Every time I read this I love it more. It was my only reread of the year!

Rating: ****

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland

Thoughts: A vacation book. It kept me turning the page, but it was amateurish and angsty.

Rating: **

Favorite Covers: 
Penguin Classics Hardcovers
For my birthday I received Jane Eyre, and it sent me down an obsessive path. I adore these covers and now also own The Secret Garden, Peter Pan, and A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings.

Book of the Year:

Dogs. Love. Writers. Family. What more could you ask for? I fell in love with this book so much I had to buy my own copy — clothbound illustrated edition, of course. 
Rating: *****

Bonus — Most Meaningful: 

As you know from my review, this is my brother's first published book, and it's a masterpiece. You can find it on Amazon and now Barnes and Noble. 
Rating: *****

What Did You Read in 2016?

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