Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book Review : My Ántonia

A cousin of mine recommended this book to me because it was my grandmom's favorite. My grandmom passed away when I was 6, and I have hardly any memory of her, only stories from my dad. So anything that can bring me closer to her spirit, I accept readily.

My Ántonia is a beautiful mess of a book. The story is very slow, and from the moment I started till past halfway through the book, I felt like I'd jumped into a story that started somewhere else. None of the characters are particularly likable; in fact, the main character is downright annoying on many occasions, and the ones that have potential don't get much "page time."

These flaws have kept me from truly enjoying this book, and yet still it holds an element of intrigue. I read most of the book in a day, which is curious as it usually takes me months to struggle through to the end of a book I don't like. Willa Cather's writing is introspective with an autobiographical feeling to it. She lived in Nebraska, which is the story's setting, and it obviously had great impact on her life. Her descriptions are fluid, vivid, and read like none other I've read. When she writes I can smell the prairie, feel the cold of silent, grey winter twilight and the power of sun in a wide Nebraskan sky.

If you want to read a book with what I would call exquisite writing, then I would recommend you give this book a chance.

2.5/5 for the story
4/5 for the writing

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