Monday, December 16, 2013

Blogging Tips and Tricks

So, the new year is almost upon us. If you're *coughcheesycough* like me, you're already thinking of what will be making it to the final cut of your New Year's Resolutions.

I know most of my followers — if not all of them — have their own blogs, whether they be on writing or some other subject. However, It began thinking that maybe some of you just aren't satisfied with your blog, whether you don't like the format, the look, the schedule, or constantly have mental blocks on what to post.

I'm going to share with you some tips and tricks on how you get make 2014 YOUR YEAR of blogging and finally set aside those worrisome blogger woes.

TIP #1: Determine if you need a schedule

When I first started blogging, I posted whenever I wanted, whether a month went by or a day. I finally figured out that didn't work for me, and I made a commitment to blog every Monday between 10:00-11:00 AM (since then I've gotten job with a flimsy schedule, however I do still post every Monday.)

I'm not saying this is for every blogger, but if you a) like structure and rules, b) are struggling with keeping up on posting ANYTHING, I would suggest at least trying it out for a month or two and seeing if it could work.

Take a moment to examine each day of your week, and determine what day and time would be best for you not only to post, but also to get the post ready the night before. Then stay focused. It'll be tough, but remember: this is a trial session.

TIP # 2: Carry a notebook

If you're a writer, you probably already carry a notebook in your pocket or in your purse wherever you go. I suggest either sectioning off a certain part of your notebook or buying a completely separate little one specifically for your blog.

Whenever an idea comes to your head, whether it just be (taking writing as an example) an observation in a book you're reading, a character's trait you love, or simply a title — write it down. No idea is too small or ridiculous when it comes to blogging ideas. I've found that  sometimes the ideas that don't seem important now but still nag at me to write them down end up sparking an entirely different line of thinking.

TIP #3 Tell people about your blog

This may seem obvious, but I struggle with this. However, not only will sharing your blog via pinterest, twitter, Facebook, ect. and telling people you know increase the circulation of your blog but will also hold you accountable. The more people you know are checking your blog, the more you'll start to take your commitment to posting more seriously.

TIP #4 Examine other blogs

Don't think your blog is quite where it should be? Don't like the design of the page? Do some snooping on your other favorite blogs. How do they format their posts? What about their design layout or colors to love? Are the blogs down-to-earth, clean and simple, or wild with colors and fun images? How often do they post? What are they posting about? (**Remember when you take ideas down to be cautious of plagiarism**)

TRICK #1 Small Paragraphs

My weakness is getting long-winded and writing long blog posts. When you come onto a blog, chances are you aren't going to want to spend twenty minutes - half an hour reading one post. So make your paragraphs small. (I haven't quite mastered this trick, but I'm working on it ;) )

Though it may seem choppy to you at first, by making your paragraphs smaller you allow the reader to glance over your posts and quickly find which one he or she wants to read. Plus, we all know it goes faster if you're not staring at one paragraph that takes up half the page.

TRICK #2 Put things in order

Not every blog post or style will require it, but see how each point is labeled bold and I keep the tips and tricks together? I find when I have blog posts subjects/posts structured this way, I get a lot more views on the blog.

What helps keep you blogging? 

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