Monday, October 14, 2013

Ask the Blogger!

Now, before you accuse me of taking the easy way out of a blog post, just hold your horses. I have a few blog post ideas I'm currently working on developing, but due to some personal things that have come up these past few weeks, I honestly haven't had a lot of time to work on my blog.

So, I thought while I'm fleshing out those other posts, why not ask my followers what THEY would like to see on the blog? This is your chance to contribute and get any sort of your questions answered!

What kind of questions am I looking for, you ask? Absolutely anything! Just to get you started:

1) Some of you know more about my writing specifically - do you have any curiosities that need answered (though I'm not guaranteeing I'll be able to answer them if they give huge spoilers ;) )?

2) Do you have a question about writing and can't seem to find the specific answer anywhere else?

3) Did you just read a great book, fiction or writing-related, and want to recommend it for me to review? Or what about a great movie?

4) Are you currently working on a story or finally getting that manuscript published? I might consider setting up a short interview for promotion of the story/yourself.

It's your turn to let your questions be made known. Underneath the header of my blog you'll see a tab that says "Ask!" I would prefer you ask your questions/give your recommendations in that section, however I won't be too upset if you just comment under this post. If you're unable to comment on the blog, you can also comment on my pinterest board (link given specifically for the board, please comment on the picture corresponding to this post: ) I'm counting on you! :)

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