Friday, February 1, 2013


Here it is, folks, the moment you've been waiting for!!!!

Okay, so maybe you haven't been dying with anticipation, but I hope you'll have fun reading my answers, because I had a lot of fun answering them :)
Before I reveal my answers, I just would like to say thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions both on here and on pinterest! I really appreciate the willingness to involve yourself in this, and everyone came up with great, unique questions. If you didn't get a chance to ask questions before I posted this, don't worry, I'll be doing something similar to this again sometime :) You can also ask me questions through my pinterest board, "My Double Living," where I am now posting my blog posts. (har har.)

On to the answers!

Questions from Lindsey:
1. Describe your personality in detail. (i.e. INFJ)

Fun question! Thankfully I had done this last year in school, so I am having a report I did on it still tucked away in my old school files, and I didn't have to take the test again ;)
If I went into major detail, there would be no more room for other questions! So I will just say predominately, I am ISFJ, a "Protector Guardian." "ISFJ's are most concerned with taking care of people by keeping them safe and secure. They are modest caretakers who do not demand credit or thanks for their efforts. But while they are essentially compassionate -and in fact exercise more patience in dealing with people with disabilities than perhaps any other type- their shyness with strangers can lead others to misread them as standoffish. Only among their friends and family may this quiet type feel comfortable speaking freely. ISFJ's are serious people with a strong work ethic, not inclined to self-indulgence. They believe in being meticulous and thrifty. They work well alone. While they may enjoy taking care of others, they do not enjoy giving orders." (taking from wikipedia article "ISFJ." Great article and you can find so much more on ISFJ's if you are interested :) )
The other personality I was very close to getting was ISFP, which you can look up on your own if you are, again, interested.

2. Do you like to snack while writing or is it distracting?

I hate to eat while writing! When you're in the flow and your hand is constantly tempted to reach out and grab food off of a plate, it just does. not. work. Actually, when I get really into my writing, I will write for hours and completely forget about eating lunch or whatever.

Question from coralie.rose:

1. Where do you like to write the most?

More often than not you'll find me curled up on my bed, pillows propped against my back. I have to be comfortable. However, I also discovered that I get a lot of writing done when I'm babysitting and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on TV. ...Does that say anything about my writing? o.O

Questions from Aly K:

1. If you were to go somewhere to get inspiration, where would it be?

Ireland! Talk about inspirational, gorgeous scenery. Plus, the people are very unique as well, and I think it would be interesting to get to know the culture.

2. Which is easier for you to write, a guy or girl?

Definitely a girl. I don't know a thing about guys or a thing when it comes to talking to guys, so my writing can sound a bit fake and awkward at times :P

3. Who is your favorite character that you have written about? That you have truly felt a connection for?

Marta, a main character in my current project, The Descendants of Drasia. Marta is my loner, my most unique character, and my strong, possibly most undaunted character. One night I nearly gave up on my whole idea for Drasia, but then I thought of this character and such a feeling of connection and love sprang up from no where, and I exclaimed, "I can't abandon her! I'll be betraying her!" I've never had that extreme doubt about my book since.
Marta might also be my favorite because I consider her to be a bit of my alter-ego. ;)

4. Would you rather type out your book or write it by hand?

I would much prefer to write out my book - I love to watch the stack of pages grow. However, I find that I can type for much longer on a computer without my hands and wrist getting cramped up. Also, I can type faster, so my thoughts aren't always so behind my writing ;)

5. How did you come about to writing? Does it run in the family or something that you picked up?

Great question! The things is... I really don't know how I came about to writing. It sort of just happened!
Actually, it does run in the family, I think. My gommie, my mom's mom, went to college for English, as did my grandmom, my dad's mom. My grandmom even wrote a book once, I believe! My eldest brother, Andrew, use to be a big writer when he was in high school but turned his focus to movies in college.
I would say my interest to start writing began when I was around nine years old. When I was really little, I always wanted to be an artist or teacher, and to be honest I'm sure exactly when I really decided I loved to write. I might say part of my motivation to start writing was a big influence from my brother (I didn't like it when he stopped writing stories, so I decided to continue on for him :P).

6. What writing book is the most inspiring/helpful that you have ever read?

I'm ashamed to say I don't have a good answer. I have collected so many writing books but haven't read many of them. I'm saving them, I guess, though I shouldn't :P I usually read a lot of blog posts from authors for quicker instruction.
However, a few years ago, I read a book called "Someday You'll Write: Secrets of a Story Maker" by Elizabeth Yates, and I remember loving it.
For Christmas I received a book called "Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively" by Rebecca McClanahan, and I'm anxious to begin it!

7. What is your favorite color?

Hehe! Green! I love the deep, dark, rich green of mysterious, enchanted forests. How's that? ;)

8. Fantasy, modern, 1800s, 1700s, or westerns...what is your favorite to write?

YES TO ALL! Except modern - I don't seem to click with modern writing. However, if I had to pick one, I would say fantasy is what I feel most comfortable with. I love the freedom of fantasy - anything can happen, anything is acceptable, and that's perfect for me because I do NOT like being told what to write.

9. Is it important for you to gather a lot of information about your book before you write or as you go along?

I have an annoying habit of getting too excited and jumping in without doing much research, instead simply drawing knowledge from movies or books I've read of similar genre or setting. Often if I come across something while writing I'm not sure about, I'll spend a little time researching it before continuing. I hope to break myself from this habit. I plan to start researching excessively for my Drasia books, though I may have to wait until I graduate in a few months.

10. Do you have a favorite thing to wear when you write?

Not really, but I have to be comfortable, so if I've just eaten and my jeans are too tight I'll change into stretchy pants, hehe! I also like to wear short sleeves because I get really warm when I write, concentrating hard on something for so long.
Curling up with my soft purple blanket draped across my lap is favorite during the winter, however :)

11. What would you rather...write out a conversation between people or describe a place or outfit or anything?

Definitely a conversation! I struggle with writing beautiful, unique descriptions. Dialogue seems to come pretty naturally to me, however, and I'm always interested in seeing what my characters will say. Sometimes I feel like they've taken over the conversation, and I have no control!

Phew! Again, thanks to everyone who asked these awesome questions. I may not be able to give another post next week since I'll be in North Carolina, but I'm planning some good posts for the future so don't abandon me! ;)


  1. I was very eager to read your answers! :D But I have to agree and disagree on the snack thing! I have to have my brain food but I normally eat it before I really get into my writing! either that or my ice cream melts when I get lost in writing! Then there is the writer's-block-snack! hehe
    Oh and I love your personality thing! I can't wait to try that out! ;)

  2. Ah, well, I do make sure my stomach has something in it before I start writing ;) And if I have writer's block, yeah I go and eat chocolate :P
    I'll try and find the link for you of where I found my results!
    Yeah, Ireland - you comin'?