Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Attention All Readers!

Anyone and everyone out there! Please consider submitting questions for me in the comment box. What do I mean by questions? Why would I want to do this? You have no idea what to ask because you haven't read my writing? Petty questions, I say, petty!

This is just a fun little exercise I want to do. I want you to see (and I too want to possibly learn some things about me that might not be very clear or set) who I am and how I get my inspiration. I think this is a good way for an author to connect with his or her readers while having some fun. I'm not an author (though that is a work in progress), but this is still a way for me to convey a little bit about myself and talk about my book.

Please, ask all sorts of questions. Ask personal questions, from what my favorite food is to what I like to listen to while writing; ask about my hobbies, what I believe my personality is and what others say, ask where I love to write and what gives me inspiration; ask what I love and hate most about the writing process, what my favorite genre to both read and write is, my favorite author, my goal and beliefs in writing; ask about my current project, The Descendants of Drasia, and what my goals are for it, and what I might have coming in the far far future.

Well now, that certainly gets you started! I gave you some good ideas there, enough to make their own loong page, so you should have no problem coming up with questions for me (*hint hint* so yes use some of those I mentioned but create your own as well! I'm excited to see what you may come up with, and again, you don't have to stick to specifically writing questions!)

I'll leave this open for the next three days. If I have some questions by Friday mid-afternoon, I'll go on ahead and answer them. If it appears I have no questions (*tears*), I'll leave it open for another week and come back when I've returned from my trip to North Carolina :) Thank you all!!! Have fun!


  1. Sarah Ellen, Where do you like to write the most?

  2. Quick note:
    I know some of you probably are not able to posts comments on this blog. If this is the case, you can send me an email with your questions, or you can visit my pinterest account. I have repinned my blog under the board "Writing: All About Me," and you can comment underneath that with your questions =] (Just a reminder, my pinterest name is Sarah Coons, but you can also find me with "wildwestfantasy.")

  3. (This reminds me of our 20 questions...20 million that is)
    Hmmm....If you were to go some where to get inspiration where would it be?

  4. I didn't know you could do more then one! I didn't want to take them all but here is my long list of them! :
    *Which is easier for you to write? A guy character or a girl character?
    *Who is your favorite character that you have written about? That you have truly felt a connection for?
    *Would you rather type out your book or write it by hand?
    *How did you come about to writing? Does it run in the family or some thing that you picked up?
    *What writing book is the most inspiring/helpful that you have ever read?
    Shall I go on?
    *What is your favorite color? (PAH!)
    *Fantasy, modern, 1800s, 1700s or westerns...what is your favorite to write? (I don't think I even came close to naming all of them...)
    *Is it important to you to gather a lot of information about your book before you write it or as you go along?
    *Do you have a favorite thing to wear when you write?
    *What would you rather...write out a conversation between people or describe a place or out fit or anything?

    OK that is my earlier one- 11! Can't wait until tomorrow! :D

  5. You've made me one happy lil lady tonight! I can't wait to answer these - here comes my giddy feeling! :D