Friday, February 8, 2013

Overview: The Descendants of Drasia

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I was about to start my character introductions, but then I remembered I haven't give another overview of my book since I deleted that last post! Anyone who did not see that post before I deleted it would be rather confused if I jumped into my character introductions, and so I am going to give y'all another overview of my work-in-progress (WIP), The Descendants of Drasia: The Prequel.


Summary: The kingdoms of Oedria and Drasia, once united in peace, are now on the brink of a terrible war. Four young women, each struggling with personal demons, find their lives intertwined in a bond that will change the fate of their world.

The Descendants of Drasia: The Prequel begins twenty years before the story takes place. Neighboring kingdoms Oedria and Drasia were united in peace and ruled by two brothers. King Ewan, the younger brother and ruler of Drasia, wished to seek peace with the outlying kingdoms (though he knew the strength of Drasia united with Oedria, ruled by his older brother King Theon, could become the most powerful realm over all the lands). However, King Theon disagreed with his brother and soon began to devise a conspiracy to overtake all outlying kingdoms with his own army, including Drasia. What ensued consisted of bloodshed, treason, deception, and the end of all peace. Ewan recruited the fire breathers and the dragons, including their riders, to aid him in his battle with Oedria, but mid-fight half of the dragons turned on the king and fought for Oedria. The battle was a failure for both sides, and the two kings consented to a truce, agreeing to ceasefire but with the understanding that if one ever attacked the other's lands, nothing would be prevented from keeping them from proceeding in another war until one or the other was victorious.

In the events following the battle, King Ewan was consumed with rage, his heart having been broken by his brother, and many thought, though never voiced, that he lost the sense in his mind. He blamed the fire people for the betrayal and destruction of the dragons, for the fire people's close connection with the dragons stayed them from fighting against the creatures in battle; the king ordered his knights to hunt down all fire breathers, dragon riders, and dragons and destroy them. For eight years a hot pursuit followed, and the knights were mostly successful in their mission. Legend says some dragon riders and fire people escaped into the Mountains of Minaeth along with the dragons who had fought along Drasia's side, but as none dare venture into the mountains, one can never be sure. Some speculated there were still fire breathers and dragon riders even among the villages within the kingdom, but if there were, they kept themselves well-hidden from the wary eye of the king. A deep shadow had fallen over the once peaceful kingdoms, and hope seemed to be lost in the hearts of men.

However, more often then not, when hope seems lost, somewhere a flame burns faintly in the shadows. Two years after the great battle, a girl was born to a poor family in the village of Cindreth, which stood just below the castle of Drasia. None but her family knew of her real nature, but even they did not know of the legends tied to that small, helpless being.

Raised in simpleness and silence, the girl, named Ellyn by her parents, was the very nature of innocence, perhaps to a point of ignorance, to the darkness in the world around her. She knew she must keep her identity a secret, for the king still had rewards out for death of any dragon riders and any with a close relation to them, but never in her naive mind did she think the balance of the lands would fall onto her shoulders; however, she would not be alone.

Ellyn's path leads her into those of three other young women, Marta, Ivanya, and Aelwyn. Together, they must learn to join forces and set in motion the legends destined at the very start of the dragons. Their battle would not be the ending, but what would become known as the beginning of the beginning.

So basically I told you the backstory of the book (which takes up only a couple pages at the beginning), but I think that is perfect. Now you know where I am heading with the story, and I don't want to give everything away! You'll also find out more when I do my character "introductions." If you have any questions about the book or something wasn't clear, just sound off in the comments or in the comment box on pinterest. (I might even end up doing a "questionaire" based on my book. Do you think I should open it up for people to submit questions again or would you rather I write more of an interview style with questions I came up with myself? I'm not sure how easy it will be for others to think of questions regarding this, and I found a fun "interview" questionaire on another blog, but I'm not sure if I should freely use the interview questions. ...Anyways this is my own rambling that you don't need to hear so I shall end this rant.)

Oh! And here is a link to my board on pinterest made specifically for this book :)


  1. It sounds really good so far! I just have one question where can I find the other Drasia books, I've looked on line but haven't come across them yet.

  2. I should hope you haven't come across them ;) Drasia is my own work. I am currently writing the first draft of the Prequel and I have about three other books in the planning stage to follow that. I'm glad you are interested, however!