Saturday, June 7, 2014

Exciting News (Personal Opportunity)

Hello, followers!

I just wanted to update you all on some news that is personally exciting to me.

Earlier this week I applied to write on a site called News for Shoppers, where shoppers and consumers can read the latest information on not only online shopping, but also get updated on entertainment news (TV, books, music), travel, social networking, ect.

On Wednesday night I found out I'd been accepted and am now a "journalist" for the website; I've already had my first article posted! I plan to post mainly on entertainment and personal care/health as I get started but hopefully branch out as I get the hang of things.

You can read my first article here and subscribe to to email alerts for new posts from me, if you're interested. 

As you know, I've always been more of a creative writer than a journalist, but I'm very excited for this opportunity to gain some experience and stretch my comfort zone. :)

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