Monday, November 4, 2013

November Favorites


November is a hard month for me. I say goodbye to the far-too-short Autumn, the weather starts to turn cold, snowflakes are beginning to spit here and there, and days grow darker. However, I can come to this list and be made cheery again. So here we go!

1) New tabs

I've mentioned a couple of them before but just wanted to remind y'all, plus I added a new one. Underneath the blog header, as you probably saw, is a series of tabs leading to other pages in which you can learn more about the blog and me. The 2 I want to point out today are the Ask Me! tab, where you can leave a comment about anything from a question about writing to suggestion for a review, and the new tab is my Contact Me. I've added some new ways in which you can contact me and follow updates on my writing + the blog, so please check those out! :)

2) Geek sweater

    My bestie gave this to me for my birthday last month - is this not the best sweater you've ever seen?! Not to mention it's probably the most comfortable sweater I own now. Plus, if it's angled certain ways, as you can see here, it also says EEK. Win win. It's a favorite this month because, well, it's awesome, plus this is the sweater I wore when I did an incredible amount of writing last week. Maybe it has powers…. *cough*

(And an extra picture because…I got bored trying to find the best picture to show off the sweater ;) )

3) New desk

    I finally got my new desk! Thanks to a friend for putting it together last week, my room is finally starting to feel complete (for those of you who don't know, I just repainted it and am completely changing the decor. Mwahaha. Also, ignore the ugly carpet). Isn't it perty?

4) First draft of my novel

If you follow me on pinterest or check the blog regularly, you probably saw that I completed the first draft of my WIP last week! I'm thrilled to be finished and a little anxious for what's next, but ready to meet the challenge. More on that to come.

5) AlyssaBeth Photography

My best friend, Alyssa, just created a blog for her freelance photography. She doesn't have many posts up yet, but I'd highly recommend checking the site within the next couple months. She does amazing work, and her pictures can be so inspirational for a story :) Check out her blog here.

6) My Writing Playlist

I don't always listen to music while I'm writing, but occasionally I'll bring up the ol' iTunes and let my "writing playlist" roll. I created this playlist probably around 9 months ago. It's a very wide mix of songs, and most of them work well with my current WIP (I have several different playlists depending on which genre I'm writing). To just give a glimpse, a few of the songs on my playlist are Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale, Skyfall by Adele, Skyrim by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens, a couple Imagine Dragons songs, and Arwen's Vigil by The Piano Guys. There are ten other songs, which I shall keep a secret for now ;) 
(Who would like to see a full recommended playlist? Leave a yes or no in the comments, and as a bonus you can tell me what kind of music you usually listen to while writing, and I'll create one! You can comment on pinterest as well. If you would like one made specifically for YOU, find the Ask Me! or Contact Me tabs under the blog header comment using one of those ways. C'mon, who doesn't like playlists?) 

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