Monday, August 19, 2013

Should We Use the Word "Aspiring?"

So far, no one has come out and said they don't agree with my little logo above about being an aspiring author. However, I have read multiple blog posts from other writers who discuss this particular word, the meaning, and the dangers of it. What I've come across is that most people really despise the word and look down on others that use it. While I completely see other blogger and writers' points, I'm here to give encouragement, not beat others down just because they use one little word to describe themselves that someone else may not agree with. Let's begin with considering the word aspire, which according to Webster's Dictionary means to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal. What is it you seek as a writer? To simply write? To be published? To gain fame? To get your story out of your heart?

I refuse to say I aspire to "write" when people ask what I do or what I'm planning for college. I already write; I've written a novella and am working on an even bigger story at the moment. I am a writer, whether people like my words and want to publish them or not.

So, shifting gears for a moment. Shouldn't I be using the word author the same way if I wish to take on the mentality of not caring what others think of my passion? In one way, yes, I should. Webster's says that an author is one that originates or creates (don't those words give your heart a thrill?) or the writer of a literary work, as a book. A writer is simply one that writes. I'm a writer, and so therefore I'm already an author. Just to clarify, I'm not intending to be presumptuous and hope no one would take me for being so, but by this definition, am I not right?

Today, however, we associate the word author with someone who has a work already published, and that's an acceptable term. Therefore, let me clarify what I personally mean when I say I'm an aspiring author; what I mean is that, though I'm a writer and creator of stories, I'm someone whose goal is to get my work out on the shelves, to spread my stories to others. I haven't accomplished this goal as I would like because I'm in the "newbie" stages of being a writer, and I don't have anything published. I am constantly trying to gain knowledge of the subject of writing so as to better my stories, better my craft, and gain experience. I am aspiring to become the best writer, or author, that I can be. In one sense, I will always be aspiring.

When I say I'm blogging for aspiring authors, I'm not attempting to bring anyone down, to tell them that they aren't already writers. If you write, having a passion for telling your story, you are a writer. I gear myself towards those who are also in my stage of writing or haven't picked up the pen yet - I, as a "young" writer, wish to encourage them with my own personal experiences with writing.

Don't be condescending if someone uses this term, but instead applaud them for the efforts they give forth in pursuing their dreams of becoming a writer. Using the word "aspiring" doesn't mean you have to categorize someone in an "always try and never 'win'" situation; we are always aspiring to become the best that we can be.

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