Monday, January 26, 2015

Short Story: "The Only Thing to Fear"

I mentioned in my 2015 post that I had a short story published in a Christian college journal. I'm excited to announce that since it was awarded first place in the fiction category, it is now available to read online! If you're interested, the title is linked below to take you right to the story.

The Only Thing to Fear

She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, and the sound of her mother’s footsteps right behind faded as the whistle, silence, and boom overtook any other sound of the night. Whistle, silence, boomWhistle, silence, boom. The flaming light and black smoke were close as Helen made it outside and down the path to the shelter.
Her hand reached for the door, but before it made contact another explosion erupted behind her, and for a moment she felt as though she were flying... 

I hope you enjoy the story! If you're interested, the journal is also available in paperback to purchase for $10.00. Click here for purchase details.

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